Start Conditional Formatting Your Shapes in Excel

You already know you can conditionally format cells in Excel. Now you can do the same with shapes.

Take Control of Your Key Performance Metrics Using Conditionally Formatted Shapes

It’s easy to miss your key metrics when all your data blends together.

Use CF Shapes to highlight how your key metrics are performing based on your pre-defined targets.


Our Story


Building eye-catching dashboards takes time and effort. Creating a dashboard that tells the true story behind your data while also providing visual appeal is no easy feat.

Excel Shapes to the Rescue

Here are a few of the benefits of using Excel shapes in your dashboards:

  • Use shape layering techniques to build stunning dashboards.
  • Group shapes together so you can easily reposition your design elements.
  • Apply effects like shadows, bevels, 3D applications and more to enrich your dashboard’s look.
  • Assign and display values inside each shape to enhance the presentation of your key results.
    • Manually add a value to each shape.
    • Or, refer each shape to a cell so your shape’s value will dynamically change as the value in its referring cell changes.


Shape Layering

There’s only one thing missing.

You can’t conditionally format shapes in Excel. That’s where we come in!


Introducing the CF Shapes Add-In:
Conditional Formatting for Shapes in Excel

Excel Limitations

When using Excel to build reports and dashboards, there is a limitation to what you can do using only the cells available to you. With shape objects, however, you can transform your dashboards and reports from boring displays of numbers within rows and columns to beautiful, dynamic, and interactive interfaces.

Unfortunately, when working with Excel directly out of the box, there is no functionality that allows you to conditionally format these shapes.

The Add-In

Until today, when a value was displayed within a shape, you could not change its color to let you know how well you were performing based on the targets you’ve assigned.

Cells have had this capability for years and now, with the CF Shapes add-in, shapes do too.  Make smarter business decisions by supercharging your reports and dashboards with CF Shapes today.

CF Shapes Add-In Features

CF shapes gives you control of how your shapes will be displayed based on the conditions and settings that you’ve set and based on the selections made by the person using the dashboard.


Select the shape you would like displayed in your report or dashboard and choose a name for your shape.



Set a minimum and maximum value from your CF shapes screen by either entering fixed values or by referring to cells anywhere within your workbook.



Two options are available to control how you want your colors to be displayed:


  • Fixed colors – Use fixed colors if you want your shape color to only change the moment you hit a defined value.
  • Progressive colors – Switch to progressive colors to have your shape gradually change colors as you approach your minimum or maximum values.


Change your color preferences for each of the value settings. By default, fixed colors will be used so values less than your minimum point will be red, values between your minimum and maximum point will be yellow and values greater than or equal to your maximum point will be green.



Feel free to edit the shape as you wish after you’ve created your shape. Once you’ve created your shape, you can add effects to create unique looks, you can manually edit the shape points to develop custom designs or you can completely change the shape.



Associate a value to the shape by selecting the shape and referring to a cell in the formula bar or by manually typing a value into the shape.

Is the CF Shapes Excel Add-In for Me?

It’s simple. If you build reports or dashboards in Excel, this product is for you. It will change the way you create interfaces by allowing you to use easily maneuverable shapes whose colors are based on dynamic references or manual entry made by the user. You finally have a way to escape the restrictive Excel grid interface.

The Add-In in Action

Excel Add-in Video Image

Don’t take our word for it. Check out this example of CF shapes being used to change how a shape is displayed based on the sales and month selected by the user.


Available Licenses

The Single User License

The Solo Package
  • Single User License

  • Single User License

  • The single user license of CF Shapes is made for the individual user looking to use conditionally formatted shapes to build stunning dashboards and reports.
  • This license allows you to create, modify and delete conditionally formatted shapes.
  • The license also includes a copy of the Viewer Add-In which you can distribute freely so others can enjoy your hard work.

The Corporate License

The Party Package
  • Corporate License

  • Corporate License

  • The corporate license of CF Shapes is made for companies looking to use conditionally formatted shapes to build stunning dashboards and reports.
  • This license entitles you to unlimited installations and allows you to create, modify and delete conditionally formatted shapes.
  • The license also includes a copy of the Viewer Add-In which you can distribute freely so others can enjoy your hard work.

Viewer Only License

The Spectator Package
  • Viewer Only

  • Viewer Only License

  • The Viewer Only License of CF Shapes allows you to open stunning dashboards and reports created by others using the full versions of CF Shapes Add-Ins.
  • With this license, you will not be able to create, modify or delete conditionally formatted shapes.
  • The Viewer Only License allows unlimited installations so you can share what you find with others.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Here is the thing. We want this to be comfortable and easy for you. If for any reason within 30 days of your purchase you feel like CF Shapes is not serving you well, notify us and we will refund your money.

Decision Time

Decision Time

CF Shapes makes it incredibly easy for you to build stunning reports and dashboards with shapes that change colors to help you quickly make the right business decisions.

All you have to do now is say yes. Stop building those clunky old cell based reports and start shaping your story together!

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