Brad Edgar



The Excel Dashboard Lover

Hi. My name is Brad and I am a Co-Founder and the concept creator of  CF Shapes.

Over the past few years, I’ve increasingly become addicted to creating Excel Dashboards to answer and solve problems and questions to tough business issues using whatever data I could find.  My love for Excel dashboards, Excel and just the sheer flexibility and power of the software gave me the urge to startup my own website to help anybody and everybody who was willing and wanting to learn Excel at a higher level.  At that point I decided to launch my own website under my own name

As I started to create and sell dashboards on my website (5 Dollar Dashboards), I fell in love with using shapes as a method to build dashboards that not only told a story but also did so with some visual appeal.  As I continued to use shapes in my dashboard products, I realized and was quite annoyed about the fact that you could apply conditional formatting to cells but you couldn’t apply conditional formatting to shapes.  The reason why I always wanted to apply conditional formatting to the shapes, was because shapes allowed you to move the objects and numbers anywhere on the dashboard sheet.  This provided me with an even greater level of flexibility when it came to displaying my numbers and stories.

One day, I decided I wanted to invite Ryan Wells for a guest blog post appearance on my website.  Originally I thought it would be a good idea to create a small spreadsheet and explain how you could use VBA to change the colors of your shapes when certain values changed within a dashboard.  Ryan clearly had the VBA skills that I didn’t have so I thought it would be a great idea to collaborate on something like this.

After beginning to explain to Ryan what I wanted to do, I started creating the spreadsheet and ended up creating a whole front end form that handled conditional formatting of shapes and the project/guest blog post became a little bit bigger than I had originally expected.  After sending the spreadsheet over to Ryan, he quickly and boldly said , “you do realize this is hours and hours of programming right?”.  At that point, we knew we had gotten ourselves into a new Excel Add-in not just a guest blog post.

CF Shapes was born!

Ryan Wells



The Vba Lover


Hello there. My name is Ryan. I am a Co-Founder of CF Shapes and the lead programmer of the CF Shapes product line.

I’ve always been a big fan of science, technology and programming. In fact, I became a nuclear engineer so I could combine these three passions. The first programming language I learned was Visual Basic, back in 2009.  I was instantly hooked on programming and immediately wanted to learn more languages, so I taught myself FORTRAN and experimented a bit with Python. As the years went on, I became increasingly interested in VBA. VBA quickly became my programming language of choice once I began my engineering career. Engineers, I discovered, were joined at the hip with Microsoft products and I realized VBA would be a phenomenal way to stand out in the corporate world.

During my first few years as a young engineer, I used VBA to automate many complex nuclear engineering tasks. After work, I would sit back and think about how many hours my VBA scripts were saving our business unit. I wanted to share this knowledge with others so in late 2014, I launched the VBA Tutorials section of – a place where I seek to inspire office workers to automate their tasks through the awesome power of VBA.

Time went on and I found myself yearning to develop sophisticated programs. Then, in 2015, out of the blue, Brad Edgar reached out to me and asked if I would write a guest post about VBA for his website. Brad’s ideas started off simple enough. All he wanted was a quick guide to show how you could use VBA to change shape colors. Easy work! Or so it seemed.

The simple idea quickly ballooned into this incredible concept where users could apply conditional formatting to shapes without knowing any VBA and without forcing them to save their spreadsheets as macro-enabled workbooks.

Brad and I knew we were onto something spectacular. Inspired, we began fine-tuning our concept. Like a well-oiled machine, Brad would tweak the objectives and enhance the design and I would bring the concept to life with VBA.

Over time, the product grew into what we now know as CF Shapes.